Extra, extra hole inside the Argus building!

The Argus is a lovely building in Melbourne CBD (Australia) that has been abandoned since mid fifties. It used the house the Argus newspaper and now it is just a shell covering a big hole and a lot of scaffolding… such a pity…

Here is a picture of the outside and a picture from the inside, for those of you who might live in Melbourne I’m sure you’ve past this building many times! The arrows show some of the places we chose to shoot…

Argus building

Argus building

Thanks to the scaffolding you can reach the top of the building that has another small tower on top (sorry for my awesome “technical” explanations!) and oh wow what a lovely view! Hope you enjoy the images…

Argus building lightpaintingArgus building lightpaintingMelbourne city from the ArgusMelbourne city from the ArgusMelbourne city from the Argus


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