Apocalypse Hotel

Gasmask at the apocalipse hotelIf (when) it all ends and we face the inexorable nihility,

don’t close your weary eyes,

don’t clench your jaw,

our common imprint is all but fragility.

If (when) silence invades, appraise our life in fractions,

mosaic of instants, array of minutia…

no linchpins or milestones…

what matters are just dregs after actions.

If (when) nobody remains, I’ll be holding your hand.

So simple and pedestrian,

just to grasp the tangible…

we bear together our last fickle stand.

She is waiting at the Apocalipse hotel photography

Apocalypse hotel photograph

Apocalypse hotel photograph

Apocalypse hotel

Apocalypse hotel photographRest of the images here. Concept and execution together with Enigmatic Photography.

Thank you to Lois Collins for being such a trooper and fantastic model.


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