Partners in Light

Rainy Walking Workshop

Oh Melbourne…with your fickle, schizophrenic weather, your “pay per minute” sun and your mischievous on/off rain… organising something outdoors in Melbourne is like threatening the gods of luck with a feeble stick (possibly an umbrella!) and a carton shield: chances are you’ll go down…

And down came the rain on our walking workshop… but as good, knowledgeable Melburnians our attendees and us decided not to let “a bit” of rain spoil our fun and went ahead with the night plan. Although we couldn’t visit all the spots as planned, we ended up having a lovely time teaching our techniques and we even managed to get a few shots as well!

Partners in light workshop

Steel wool by the Yarra riverPartners in light workshop

Melbourne under the rain
Partners in light workshop

Our latest addition: a Led Hula hop!
Partners in light workshop

This ain’t an orb ;D (it’s hard to work under the rain!)Partners in light workshop

Urban orbPartners in light workshop

Our wonderful attendees that braved the rain and cold to spend the evening learning about lightpainting
Partners in light workshop


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